Why Omarax?

At Omarax, we recognize the huge opportunity that is available to you, and we are dedicated to providing you with an easy path to take that leap of faith.

  • We know the hurdles that working people face
  • We know the limited budgets that most folks in India
  • We try to give it our very best
  • We want to get your website up and start selling ASAP

We also understand why eCommerce businesses fail.

Two major points:

  • We hinge our success on your success.
    That is, we have not really succeeded if you haven’t. We do not believe in having a simple vendor customer relationship. We sincerely want to see you succeed.
  • We provide valuable mentoring and guidance along the way.
    Our biggest asset is the hard-earned experience that we have accrued over the years. We want to pass that on to you so that you aim for the stars.